Learn to nourish and honor each other through honest and open communication,conscious listening,creative expression
and through a loving and divine co-creation through movement,sound and breath.

The world has not only repressed the sacred feminine, but the disempowered masculine within women and men is in need of deep healing. This healing can occur within and without when two come together witnessing, nourishing and manifesting for each other. By holding space and growing together,  the energetic vibration of the sacred marriage within and without manifests a deep and profound connection and intimacy between the couple, which ripples in electrical waves throughout creation. Healing the couple heals the land. It is the charnel ground where we can be seen and held in our whole being, cut through our shadows and see each other for who we are through a process of intimate Love, understanding and a beautiful co-creation with breath.

 "Love one another, but make not a bond of love: Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls"

                                                                                             - Khalil Gibran


If you and your partner would like to have a couple session, please contact me. Otherwise, these workshops happen on specific dates and are open for four couples at a time.  Please follow the blog and the facebook page Prajna for the upcoming events.