"We have been priviliged to witness your tireless work with our women, who after all these months are your women too. Your passion, dedication and professionalism have created an oasis in the middle of many deserts for the hearts and lives of every woman you worked with during these months. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for giving yourself so selflessly to our cause." (Latin American Woman's Aid - LAWA)

"I would like to tell you that I appreciated very much your support and your work with me. You have been an excellent professional and I respect you for that. Thank you for guiding me and creating a space where I could connect to my own light within. You helped me feeling better and I will never forget that.  I am certain that your advices and your love will help me also in the future when I am facing difficulties. It has been a pleasure for me to meet you and I will always keep my experience with you for these months like an important reference in my life. I feel like I can breathe again. a thousand thank you " (a woman Fawzia was working with)

"I supervised Fawzia as part of a major placement whilst she was training as an Art Therapist. Fawzia is a creative, curious and talented therapist. She delves right into the hearts of those she supports and treats them with kindness and respect. Fawzia is also an inspirational artist, which is an essential component within her therapeutic portfolio. Those people who are supported by Fawzia enter into a truly healing and equal relationship and are enabled to lead change and growth on their own terms" (Nigel Hartley, ex-director of St.Christopher's Hospice and current CEO of Earl Mountbatten Hospice)

"Working with contemporary art with people of all ages can sometimes be a little tricky however working with artist and art therapist like Fawzia Afifi really changes the approach. When I worked with her at Iniva (Institute of International Visual Arts) she delivered some great art sessions with secondary school students. She created a safe environment where they could express their thinking and emotions without feeling judged. It was a great pleasure for me to work with Fawzia as she brought sensitivity, fun and creativity to the groups she worked with". (Teresa Cisneros, co-director Agency for Agency and ex-Education Curator at Iniva)

"It was very grounding to be part of the circle of women and reflect on the source of feminine power and share our stories. Fawzia is a great facilitator and creates a very positive enabling environment. I think its very beneficial to have a space to meditate, although it was challenging. Thanks Fawzia!" ( participant of a women workshop)

"The richness of shared experiences and the learning that occurred in the room was amazing. I really liked the fact that we could as a team share some of our personal experiences in a different and safe space. The place was very well organised for the workshop.The facilitator/Fawzia was very clear when given instructions, she was genuine and offered/create a safe space for us to share our ideas, experiences and practice. It was a great opportunity to strengthen our relationship with the rest of the team. Thank you very much for such wonderful session. Looking forward for the next one." (participant of team building women's workshop)