These Workshops are tailored specifically for women who experience and/or are still experiencing domestic and sexual violence. These workshops focus on connecting to the power of the woman's body through body mapping, movement exercises, art-making processes, and rituals of the sacred feminine. 

Fawzia has experience in working with various charities in women's refuge for gender-based violence.  As a Feminist, she is strongly dedicated and passionate about empowering and nurturing the feminine within women and men, realizing its power and the inner wisdom within each of us in the midst of a system of Patriarchy.

As Lucy Irigaray beautifully says: "Love is a political substance".

Evidence-based research has shown that healing the "mother's wound" through a creative process allows the women to transform themselves, move forward and create healthy and sustaining relationships again, to believe and have faith in one's self, to realise that change is possible and to find unity within and without -- keeping their hearts soft throughout this process and move from a space of oppression towards a space of compassion.

In my experience of working with women who have been violated against, it became apparent that trauma is also very much stored and memorized in their bodies. Integrating specific body exercises within their creative process has proven a valuable method in their healing journey. The sessions also allowed the women to step into their role as mother and be present with their children.

Let the voice of Maya Angelou ring in our hearts – “So we shall rise and shine stronger than before”.