It is through Form where we can transcend.  May we use our bodies as a vessel for the alchemical process of spiritual transformation, connecting and becoming conscious of the transmuting processes of the Fire, Earth, Air and Water element.

Women since ancient times have been coming together to share and nourish their sisterhood. Through the dis-empowered masculine and feminine, this space has become more and more lost. It is beautiful, powerful and inspiring when women come together and share their vulnerabilities with radical honesty and courage.

Women circles support to work with our ancestral memory through womb yoga with the tools of mantras, yantras and mudras as well as through meditation and through the creative process of expression through movement, voice and art-making – cleansing, healing and growing the seeds of full expression of our wild feminine nature within.

If you and a group of women are interested, you can contact me for a private gathering. Otherwise, these workshops are happening for the public on specific dates - please follow the blog or the facebook page Prajna for upcoming events.


Vishva Shakti Avaham. May the creative force of the feminine be universally manifested. 

Lets re-focus our attention to our Bodies, to our Yonis and Pacha Mama.